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Tatiana Z. Cuellar-Gaviria, Ph.D.

LEGACY Postoctoral Fellow

Department: Biomedical Engineering

About Me:

I graduated with a BS in Biology from University of Massachusetts, Lowell and completed my PhD in Engineering from Univerdidad EAFIT in Colombia (Colciencias Fellow). During my PhD, I did research in microbiology and used different OMICs tools including genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics. I joined the nanomedicine lab as a LEGACY Postdoctoral Scholar in the Fall of 2021. I am currently working on strategies to disrupt biofilm formation, as well as I am collaborating in other projects that involve the use of engineered extracellular vesicles for cell-reprogramming. I've also implemented the use of transcriptomics and metabolomics data to my current research projects. My future goal is to become a Full-Time Professor in a Research Institution.


Tatiana Z. Cuellar-Gaviria, Ph.D.
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