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Nanomedicine Lab Students Present at BMES 2022

Graduate students Lilibeth Ortega-Pineda, Angelica Rincon-Benavides, Ana Salazar-Puerta, Devleena Das, Jordan Moore, and Ana Panic, as well as undergraduate student Andrew Gotschall presented their work at the Biomedical Engineering Society National Conference.

Graduate students Ana Salazar-Puerta, Angelica Rincon-Benavides, and Lilibeth Ortega-Pineda presented their work at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting in October in San Antonio, Texas. Lilibeth and Ana provided oral presentations, while Angelica presented at a poster session. Also in attendance were graduate members of the Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Lab Jordan Moore, Devleena Das, and Ana Panic of the Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Lab, as well as undergraduate member Andrew Gotschall. Jordan, Ana, and Andrew presented at poster sessions, while Devleena provided an oral presentation.

Congratulations to all of our students for representing the Nanomedicine Lab on a national stage!





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