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Higuita-Castro Nanomedicine Lab

The Nano-Medicine Laboratory at OSU studies the development and implementation of novel engineered extracellular vesicle (EV)-based nano-therapeutics for gene delivery and cellular reprogramming for applications in fundamental and/or translational medical research.

Our Research

We use micro- and nanoscale technologies to accomplish various research goals. We focus on areas related to cell and tissue engineering, nuclear reprogramming, extracellular vesicle-based therapeutics, and cell therapies for regenerative medicine and novel biomedical applications.

Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute

DHLRI is a team of over 600 faculty, staff and trainees representing eight University Colleges and 26 different departments dedicated to discovering new diagnostics and treatments for patients with acute and chronic disease.

The Gene Therapy Institute is an interdisciplinary community bringing together world-class faculty with diverse expertise in the area of gene therapy research. Through collaboration we are enabling the successful translation of basic science discoveries into new therapies that are accessible to affected populations around the globe.

Nanotech West Laboratory

Nanotech West studies micro- and nanotechnology and the potential to transform both research and industry. They perform research in the fields of electronics, optics, advanced materials, energy, biology and medicine.

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